Token Vesting
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Ecosystem participants

Project owners

Project owners are the ones who require to implement vesting strategies in their token economies. Within the token vesting platform, they will be able to create and manage vesting pools applying to them different kind of strategies. Project owners will have the role of FACTORY_ADMIN. A factory in the token vesting platform, allows users to efficiently create and deploy new vesting pools for a particular project. Once the pools are created, project owners also become POOL_ADMIN of the pools that they have created. As pool admins they can add or remove pool operators and beneficiaries from the vesting pool.

Project operators

Project operators interact with the platform by managing pools where they have been granted permissions. Project operators have the role POOL_OPERATOR, and are able to add or remove beneficiaries from a particular pool. In certain implementations, they can also execute other actions, like change beneficiaries or remove them from the pools.


Beneficiaries are the stakeholders of the project, and are able to list and claim the pools where they have token allocations.