Token Vesting
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Automated, secure and transparent token vesting strategies for blockchain communities
Linear Vesting is an integral part of the decentralised economy and the Token Linear Vesting platform allows stakeholders and companies to build a mutually beneficial relationship by providing a transparent and automated vesting system. It is a white-labeled, customizable and user-friendly platform intended to facilitate crypto-asset management for both companies and stakeholders.
To access Token Linear Vesting, connect your wallet (MetaMask, WalletConnect)
Connext your wallet to access
The platform is designed to simplify transactions between users Each role will be specific to them.
The roles within the platform
• The factory admin is able to create pools through the factory smart contract, transfer their ownership of the Factory Smart Contract and, by default, the Factory admin becomes the Pool Admin of the Pool they create. There is only one factory admin per factory.
• The Pool admin creates and revokes the manager(s) role(s). They can also transfer their role to another person. By default, the pool admin becomes the manager of the pool. There is only one pool admin per pool
• The Manager can add stakeholders and change stakeholders. There can be multiple managers.
• The Stakeholder can claim their tokens. There can be multiple Stakeholders.
Any user can be a stakeholder in the pool.
There are four views with different functionality depending on whether the user is the factory admin, the Pool admin, the Manager or the Stakeholder. The interface is inherent to each role and users don't have access to other role's view.
Factory Admin's dashboard
A user can have a different role in a different pool.
The Factory admin is able to create new pools, the button to create new pools is only accessible in the factory admin's view. It doesn't exist for any other role.
The Pool Admin and the Managers are able to see an Edit button next to the corresponding pool. It allows them to add/change Stakeholders.
The Pool Admin has additionnal features within the edit screen. They are able to see the "Transfer Owner" and "Add/Remove Manager".
Depending on if the tokers are available or not, Stakeholders can see a green "Claim" or desable "Claim" button. Click the "claim" button to have access to details and the history of claims
Claim functionnality
When all Tokens have been vested in a pool, the Stakeholder can see a "Finished" notification instead of a button.
When a Manager changes a Stakeholder in a pool, the Stakeholder gets "blacklisted" from the pool and is not able to claim Tokens anymore. They then see an orange "Banned" notification instead of a button.
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